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This collection is used by the OrderlyEmails app, to make product recommendations in your notification emails, which automatically update over time.

  • This service is currenty provided for FREE, with any theme purchase.
  • Recommended products shown in your email are automatically updated every 4 hours, to match this collection.
  • By default, your Best-Selling products (that are in stock & not already purchased) will be recommended.
  • You can modify the rules below to change which products are recommended. Products at the top of the list are more likely to be shown.
  • To enable/disable recommendations in your emails, login to the OrderlyEmails app (Shopify Admin -> Apps) and add the "Recommended products" section to an email in the editor.

Note: This collection is "hidden", it is not be visible on your website.

Eyelet Cady Pants

$1,040 $2,080

  • Moonflower
Gradient Cady Pants

$970 $1,385

  • Gradient blush
ELIE SAAB Cady Pants


  • Gardenia
ELIE SAAB Cady Pants


  • Iris blue
Flared Crepe Pants

$865 $1,235

  • Blue Fog
Studded Crepe Pants

$1,715 $2,450

  • Black
Wisteria Jumpsuit

$2,587 $3,695

  • Wisteria print
Flower Print Flared Jumpsuit

$2,475 $3,535

  • Sansione Print
V-Neck Silk Jumpsuit

$3,721 $5,315

  • Pale blush
Bead Embroidered Jumpsuit

$5,425 $7,750

  • Moonflower-Gold-Silver
ELIE SAAB Cady Jumpsuit

$1,939 $2,770

  • Iris blue
Embroidered Cape Jumpsuit

$5,688 $8,125

  • Multicolor
Crepe and Lace Jumpsuit

$2,015 $4,030

  • Moonflower
Monogram Embroidered Jumpsuit

$2,195 $4,390

  • Lime punch
Draped Trail Embroidered Jumpsuit

$3,350 $6,700

  • Grape wine
Embroidered Long Jumpsuit

$2,023 $4,045

  • Gardenia
Crystal Wave Jumpsuit

$3,154 $4,505

  • Gardenia
Jumpsuit with Butterfly Detail

$1,788 $3,575

  • Green Fanfare



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